Thank you everyone for all your support of Cans for Comments!

We’ve got over 80 participants benefiting over 25 different organizations across the US and Canada!

Food donations box isolated on white background


  • West Alabama Food Bank



  • LA Regional Food Bank
  • Bay Area Food Bank
  • Second Harvest Food Bank – San Jose, CA
  • First Immanuel Lutheran Church Of San Jose
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • VCUM
  • San Jose Food Pantries



  • Denver Rescue Mission



  • Hosea Feed the Hungry
  • Golden Harvest Food Bank



  • Kansas Food Bank


New York

  • Island Harvest


North Carolina

  • Loaves & Fishes



  • Mid-Ohio Food Bank



  • Philabundance



  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Tarrant Area Food Bank
  • McKinney Food Pantry
  • Mission Arlington
  • Frisco Family Services



  • Food for Others


Washington, DC

  • Capital Area Food Bank



  • Shepherds of Good Hope
  • Jarvis Food Bank
  • Daily Bread
  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • Loudoun Interfaith Relief
  • Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
  • Winnipeg Harvest


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If you’d like to participate in Cans for Comments and add your name and organization to the list, click here.

How can you get more comments for this can food drive event?

Blogging isn’t a simple job.  I know many website owners in the wedding event industry and I can assure you it’s difficult to manage the business and blog about it too.   It needs commitment, your time, patience and focus. Having a successful website is extremely rewarding when you work for it and also you can just reach it. Your site posts are only able to be be alive for quite a while when you have acquired followers. For that, it’s vital that you obtain opinions on site posts as it starts a talk involving your subscribers as well as you. They are also able to add a few ideas to aid in improving your web blog posts and alter some “incorrect advice”.

It’s possible for you to gain the interest of your readers for inspiring posts. Most observers often do not fully read your post if they find it uninteresting. After finishing the post your followers may ask questions or leave remarks depending how engaging it is. You have to remember you need to keep away from making poor articles so that you don’t loose subscribers.

Comment keyboard key. Finger

Answer to blog remarks when you can

As I’ve mentioned earlier, website opinions begin a conversation.  Replying to a comment is one good way to tell the readers that the blog is alive and that someone is listening to their opinions or comments.

Create Online Polls

An online survey is an easy solution to get your viewers’ views. See what’s going to occur after setting up a survey in your site.

Voila! All these really are the several tips about ways to earn comments in your site.

Here’s another idea to help you get that comment for cans.

As a writer, it may be hard to tell whether your content is really successful. Feedback is essential as it may additionally supply guidance and supports to the writer to keep on writing. Aside from stat monitoring software, it becomes hard to check whether the content in your page is really doing its job. We’ll examine the best way to engage your subscriber to be able to solicit opinions from them.

When we read things, should we be affected by them?  Ask the reader several questions if you would like interaction with your reader. As you write, try to find openings to question  and offer your understanding and view.

A question that is nicely placed is generally quite capable of garnering more interest. The activity of asking the question compels the reader to try to answer that question in her or his mind.

Site Presentation

Having excellent visual content can additionally help support opinions. This is particularly helpful for bloggers. Adding graphics in your content, learning just how to control colors in your site, and taking time to create a site header helps give off a sleek visual appeal readers will come to value.

Subscribers are also more willing to take what you’ve got to say when your site represents the work you put into it. Straightforward layouts is best and place your widgets in proper location. A rumor or news website might not require an elaborate header, but could reap the benefits of stock photos with captions. Remember to check how your blog’s look.

Comment keyboard key. Finger


Controversy is an excellent strategy to solicit opinions from your users. As soon as you take a mocking tone, or present a counter point, your readers have a reaction. Keep in mind that a great writer picks every word that she or he uses, so take time to use language which could have an antagonizing effect.

You do not need to bad mouth or problems or slander individuals; yet there is a brilliant and argumentative strategy is an excellent means to engage the reader.

The most difficult part of any website would be to get that first remark. Individuals seldom wish to be the first to do anything but eventually someone opinionated will write a comment which will jump start everyone else chumming in.

Here at Cans for Comments, we genuinely want to help people in any way possible. This is why we offer to display your solutions to real problems for free; and we always will. By sharing and caring, we are producing real-time solutions that can help each other achieve new heights. We want to ensure that we get this across right now. THIS SITE DOES NOT TAKE IN ANY INCOME IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. We will always be here to serve society, as a whole, and to further our species of human kind to the highest point possible.

The end goal – happiness and peace for the world to share.


We’ve been approached by many companies that want to monetize this site (make money from it).

That is, indirectly, one of the items we’re fighting against! We are so discouraged with the way things are now-a-days. No one can even give you a moment of their time unless there’s something in it for them. Something that they will GAIN from it.

No one just does things to help anymore; that’s why we exist.

Most of the companies (I’ll just called them exactly what they are, Corporations) that have come at us are these Internet Marketers. A majority of them didn’t even understand English. The actual companies (I saw actual because they have a real office and non-personal telephone number…an actual staff; you know, those small things) that came at us wanted US TO PAY THEM for them to make money from our site! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!

Then we were hit up by some small time operations like Ganda and AvuCare, wanting us to put their products or ads in our sidebars; that wasn’t happening either! They said that this would engage users to participate in click-rates, conversions, and all this other mumbo jumbo I didn’t understand. WHO CARES?! We’re not a computer dorks and we never want to be; nothing against those of you that are ;-) We just know that our talents are in helping people, so that’s what we want to do.